Coil Winders

GS600/1 - GS600/2 - GS1000/1 - GS1000/2

GS600/1 single head with Electronic Traverse

GS600/2 dual head with Mechanical Traverse

Coil Winder Features:
  • Reel sizes up to 600mm for GS600 models, and up to 1000mm for GS1000 models. Wide range of mandrel systems

  • Winding speeds up to 150m/min with stepless speed changes throughout the wind via our analogue Dancing Arm system

  • Adjustable pitch traverse system geared to suit your product size (Mechanical traverse models)

  • Adjustable pitch electronic traverse system enabling pitch settings from 0.1mm to 99.9mm in 0.1mm increments via a digital potentiometer (Electronic traverse models)

  • Operator friendly control system with auto stop of reels at pre-set length, 90% warning beacon/sounder also available

  • Single and multi winding head models to suit individual applications

GS1000/2 dual head with Mechanical Traverse

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Specials and Attachments

Collapsible Mandrel

Curtain Track Winder

Trolley Winder

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